Sheep Mountain

Tachäl DhǟlFlat Face Mountain -Sheep Mountain

Southern Tutchone

Kwädą̄y ch’äw dän dazhän dhäl kay ts’ä̀n mbay ka łänàjä̀l kwäch’e nà.
Äk’ān k’e gúch’än Kluane Park keyètsį k’ètl’ą̀ äju dän äyū łänàjä̀l.
Gúch’än ä́nų̀ kwä̀nnthàt ts’än łaàdädä̀l ghąch’i, picture ghàtsi yè Tachäl Dhǟl kay k’ànädä̀l.


This mountain is home to a large herd of Dall sheep and was once a favoured sheep hunting area for the Southern Tutchone people. They no longer hunt here because the mountain is located within the boundaries of Kluane Park. Many visitors to the Yukon stop here in summer in order to see the sheep. They can walk up the hill to take pictures.

The summer trail that goes along the side of Tachäl Dhǟl is steep and narrow. Once a man fell off the trail and into the Slims river with his pack. His companions could not save him.