Mount Vowles

Mänän Ts’etsay DhǟlCrying Mountain – Mount Vowles

Southern Tutchone

Kwädą̄y ch’äw däk’àn dazhän dhäl kay łänàya ch’äw dekejänìya tth’ay. Äyū kàzhà ächį lay.
Ùka kwäni dazhän dhäl ‘‘Mänän Ts’etsay Dhǟl’’ ùye. Dazhän dhäl yanda tän shakwä̀dą ä́dāy Sí Mǟn kwäts’ä̀n. Jedè’òla shų äyet dhäl tl’ay dädä̀tą. Äyū känàch’į dän nena ka łänàjä̀l.


The Southern Tutchone name for this mountain, Mänän Ts’etsay Dhǟl, can be partially translated as “Crying Mountain”. It is sometimes referred to in English as “Cry Mountain”. In one version of the story associated with this mountain, a man died while hunting there. He had become stranded on the mountain and was unable to get down.

This is a prominent mountain in the Nordenskiold Valley. A trail leads around it to Sí Mǟn (Ochre Lake), and the lake called Jedè’òla is located at its base. It has long been a favoured hunting area.

Did you know?

The English name was given by D.D. Cairnes of the Geological Survey of Canada. He named the mountain after Stanley Tom Vowles of the Northwest Mounted Police, who spent most of his career, 1904-8, in this area.