ChemìaNetting Place

Southern Tutchone

Dän ädälät k’e Chemìa nä̀nadä̀l kwäch’e nà. Äyū kä̀nàch’į dzäna kàjèl. Dän tágà dàkwädä́tsi tth’ay, chu dadùtä̀r du. Ätl’a dzäna ukay ghùuzhär du. Dän ätlą nä̀nànjè kwäch’e tth’ay Chemìa yū. Harry Joe ukų̀ shèk’a ä’ą äyū.
Dazhän kwädǟn shèk’a äyū kwäts’ä̀n nä̀nadä̀l tth’ay.


The name Chemìa refers both to a particular lake in the Nordenskiold Valley, as well as to the immediate area which includes several other lakes and a meadow.

Chemìa has long been used as a spring muskrat-hunting area. Chief Paul Birckel notes that the people used to dam up the river to increase the volume of water in some of the lakes. This would create a larger breeding habitat for the muskrats, which then multiplied in greater numbers.

Did you know?

A number of people used to live at Chemìa, including Chief Hutshi Joe and family, Drury Crow and family, and Charlie and Lilly Bill. Harry Joe and his family had a cabin there, and it is still standing. Chemìa is still utilized by the descendants of these people.