52-Mile Lake

Łu Shäwa MǟnBig Fish Lake – 52-Mile Lake

Southern Tutchone

Dän ts’ètläw ts’än Łu Shäwa yū nä̀nadä̀l kwäch’e nà. Łǜr Deyèl ts’än yè Shadhäla ts’än, Chu Yäna shų kwäts’än kä̀nàch’į. Yúk’e nāy shų chemèn łu shäw ka chenàtl’ų̀.
Shèk’a äyū kų̀ kwäzhät äla kwäni.


This is a large and important lake which has been utilized by the Southern Tutchone people for generations. There are two large arms on the lake and many bays where fishnets are set for trout, whitefish, and other fish species. People fished successfully there all winter.

The name “52-Mile” reflects the fact that the trail to Łu Shäwa is located at a turn-off fifty-two miles down the old Dawson Road.

Did you know?

There are still many old cabins, caches, and other structures at Łu Shäwa. In earlier years a number of families traveled between Łu Shäwa and Łǜr Deyèl (“31-Mile”). These included Mr. and Mrs. George Ned, Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Jackson, and others.

From Łu Shäwa the people traveled west to Hutshi, south to Champagne, and north to Braeburn and Carmacks.